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What is Revelo Software?

Revelo is a data management platform that handles your Big Data needs through collection, analysis and reporting. It automates and streamlines the most complex parts of data management so you can focus on results, while protecting subjects’ privacy and meeting federal guidelines on security and accessibility.
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Revelo's Real-Time Framework

Collect. Analyze. Report.
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  • Secure Upload
  • Confirm/Validate
  • Surveys
  • Multiple Formats
  • Multiple Inputs
    • OCR, BCR
    • API, IoT
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  • ETL
  • Ingestion
  • Fuzzy Matching
  • Linking
  • Standardization

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  • Embedded Analysis
  • Python, R, BI, COTS
  • Rigorous Methods
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Document Reviews and Editing

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  • Report Builder
  • Visualizations
  • Email, Print, RSS, CSV
  • Alerts
  • Plain Language
  • Embed in Websites

Data Formats

Accepts Multiple Data Formats:

.Doc, .XLS, .CSV, SQL, IoT

Secure Data

Securely Receive and Validate Data 

Tag & Code

Tag & Code at a Granular Level

Link Data Sets

Link Multiple Data Sets

Role-Based Permissions

Role-Based Permissions

Review Workflows

Systematically Review Workflows & Scoring

Chat, Email, Social Media

Collaborate with Chat, eMail & Social Media

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics

Single Sign-On

Compatible with other COTS and integrates with Single Sign-On

Revelo Products

Website Accessibility and Usability Testing 

Automated and Customizable Comments Processing Tool

Streamlined Procurement Market Research

Customized Content and Data Synthesis ChatBot

Discover how Revelo helps customers Collect, Analyze, and Share Data

National Center for Education Statistics

Linking Data for Context in K-12 Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation

Data Validation & Dashboards Across Healthcare Learning Models

Customer Success Stories

"By the way, I REALLY love the new tool (Revelo) that y'all are developing. It will be a powerful tool for many reasons!!"

-US Department of Education

"This has been a remarkable cross-section of USAID tasks in 22 different countries...this has been a very productive and successful project, helpful to many of us, and I just wanted to share that success with you..."

-US Agency for International Development

"We appreciate the reports and the information they provide to help us keep improving our websites for our customers!"

-Medicare Administrative Contractor

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