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Comments Processing Tool

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CommentsAI, powered by Revelo Software, has been developed to help agencies quickly respond to public and stakeholder comments. CommentsAI helps agencies review, categorize, summarize, and analyze public comments quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Key Features

Streamlined Dashboard

Simplify comment management with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Centralize Comments

Gather comments from various sources for unified management.

Sentiment Analysis

Categorize comments as positive, negative, or neutral for valuable insights into public perception.

Duplicate Detection

Identify and consolidate similar comments for efficient management and accurate analytics.

Customizable Automated Moderation

Use automated algorithms to identify and flag inappropriate comments tailored to your needs.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate comprehensive comment statistics and trends with easy-to-understand visualizations.

Tagging and Categorization

Tag and categorize comments for streamlined retrieval and analysis.

Learn how CommentsAI can help you with your comments processing needs.

CommentsAI Functionalities

Filtering and Sorting

Easily sort and filter comments, simplifying comment navigation and management.

Keyword-Based Filtering

Quickly locate specific comments with a keyword search.

Visual Data Representation

Gain insights into comment statistics, sentiment trends, and user engagement through data visualization.

User Permissions

Customize user roles and permissions for access to protect your data.

Data Export

Export comments in various file formats (e.g. CSV, Excel. PDF)

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate with other tools and systems for workflows and data exchanges.

Scalability and Performance

Handle high comment volumes with ease.

Security and Privacy

Ensure data protection and compliance.

Customization Options

Tailor CommentsAI to fit your organization's needs.

See How CommentsAI Works

Learn more about Revelo's approach to creating CommentsAI and the importance of having an automated comments processing tool.

Watch how CommentsAI works and how the customizable tool makes comments processing easier for those who need it.

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