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Column 1 of 3: Data Collection. List of features: 1. Secure upload; 2. Confirm/Validate; 3. Surveys; 4. Multiple formats; 5. Multiple inputs (OCR, BCR, API, IoT, mobile)
Column 2 of 3: Data analysis. List of features: 1. Embedded analysis; 2. Python, R, BI, COTS; 3. Rigorous methods; 4. Qualitative analysis; 5. Systematic reviews; 6. Visual document reviews and editing
Column 3 of 3: Data Reporting. List of features: 1. Report builder; 2. Visualization; 3. Email, print, RSS, CSV; 4. Alerts; 5. Plain language; 6. Embed in websites

The Revelo™ suite is a commercial off-the-shelf product to capture, analyze, and report on multiple metrics originating from varied data sources, which can then be collated, harmonized, and analyzed for decision-making. Revelo can integrate with commercial business intelligence dashboards, or, for lower-cost reporting options, with open source software (e.g., d3 and "R").  Revelo™ offers a number of flexible features, including, security options such as hosting in a FedRAMP environment and role-based access.

Located at the University of Maryland's Discovery District in College Park, Revelo has employees, including multidisciplinary researchers with backgrounds in economics, education, health, international development, agriculture, nutrition, statistics, entrepreneurship, information management, and computer science.

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