Using AI and Robotics to Streamline the Acquisition Lifecycle


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Our platform offers a wide range of powerful features to enhance your procurement activities and maximize your efficiency.

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Key Features to Shorten the Procurement Acquisition Lead Time (PALT)

Identify Firms for Outreach Events / Communications

Easily generate a list of relevant firms to invite your outreach events or communications

Assist SBs with Identify Procurement Opportunities

Help small businesses find tailored procurement opportunities

Identify Potential Partners

Identify potential prime contractors for valuable partnerships and subcontracting opportunities

Conduct Market Research

Generate comprehensive market research reports to make informed decisions

Assist in Drafting Solicitations

Streamline the solicitation drafting process by identifying similiar solicitations

Facilitating Procurement Related Data Calls / RFIs

Streamline the data collection process and simplify communication with potentially qualified firms

Acquisition Strategy Optimization

Make informed acquisition strategy decisions by evaluating trade-offs and the availability of potentially qualified firms

Make smarter decisions with federal market intelligence

Pair expert, human analysis with AI-powered tools to mine millions of data points, focus on relevant federal market details, identify potential partners, and more. All to win the business.


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