Core Features Of Revelo
  • User management – Provides administrators with the ability to manage ReveloTM user accounts, including such functions as add and delete user, edit user information, activate and deactivate user, reset locked-out user’s account, enable multifactor authentication, etc.
  • Access Rights Management – Provides administrators with the ability to manage users’ access rights, including creating, enabling, and deleting user groups as well as adding and editing hierarchies that specify group access rights on various ReveloTM In addition, users can define and manage group access for individual Web pages.
  • Reporting – ReveloTM provides users and administrators access to many different reports and logs to manage activity and ensure compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and other federal standards.
  • Event Capture and Notification – Reports and events can be captured, and admins can create notifications for them.
  • Data Design – The process of producing a detailed data model of a database.
  • Data forms and entry – Text formatter, incremental time question, question order randomizer, picture in question and answers.
  • Data Explorer – Search feature allows for data to be explored and extrapolated.
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  • Data Import – Imports data through Excel files into relational database.
  • Fuzzy Matching – Facilitates record linkages using deterministic or probabilistic matching.
  • ETL and Ingestion – Extracts, transforms, and loads data, including ingestion.
  • API Services – Support application programming interfaces (API) and build application software with subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools.
  • Artifact Management – Provides a file repository for searching and displaying image files.
  • Visual Analyzer – Builds a user-specific dashboard based on data in the Data Explorer reports.
  • Document Data Mining – Extracts text data from documents based on patterns entered by the user.
  • Look and Feel Customization – User interfaces that are tailored and personalized to address the client’s organization branding and culture.
  • SSRS Reporting – Creation of customized .docx, .xlsx, .csv, and .pdf report files based on data from the ReveloTM Reports can be stored on the server or sent through interface to the user.
  • COTS Integration – Integration of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products in various categories, including Business Intelligence (BI), Geographic Information System (GIS), Social Network Analysis, etc.
  • Customized Reports – Creation of modified, tailored, or adapted reports to address clients’ needs.
  • Customized Analytics – Creation of analytics to support clients’ needs.
  • Data Modeling and Mining Support – Creation of entity types for users’ data models and customization of Python scripts to mine data from documents to add to the entity types.

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